U.S Patents prepared and prosecuted by Douglas G. Glantz

5,961,504 Method for reducing malodor in absorbent products and products formed thereby
5,946,990 Drain assembly removal tool and method
5,944,452 Heavy duty foundation installation apparatus and method
5,934,800 Portable cement mixer and method
5,928,183 Tampon applicator with multi-layered tips
5,894,127 Polarized specular reflectance infrared apparatus and method
5,892,074 Synthesis of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
5,891,127 C-wrapped absorbent article and method
5,890,425 Scrap tire collection, volume reduction, and transportation
5,873,971 Method of forming a tampon which can be comfortably withdrawn from a body cavity
5,827,251 Feminine sanitary protection packaging article and method
5,826,475 Knife shaft assembly
5,800,922 Method of making a gelation-resistant alumina
5,785,698 Panty shield
5,785,409 Height and azimuth adjustable containers
5,779,349 Adjustable airport runway apparatus and method
D394,066 Telephone handset sanitary guard
5,735,976 Ceramic particles formed in-situ in metal.
5,733,068 Metal foundation push-it and installation apparatus and method
5,711,018 Rotary kiln treatment of potliner
5,681,658 Gelation-resistant alumina
5,660,504 Metal foundation push-it and installation apparatus and method
5,652,966 Reinforced full body suit
5,645,727 On-line ozonation in ultra pure water membrane filtration
5,645,158 Extensible continuous haulage system
5,616,296 Waste management facility
5,605,419 Underground duct banks

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