U.S Patents prepared and prosecuted by Douglas G. Glantz

6,213,993 Self-adhering absorbent article
6,196,697 Stainless steel airport light support apparatus and method
6,193,703 Adjustable scroll absorbent article and method
6,160,141 Synthesis of conjugated eicosadienoic acid
6,153,774 Silver ion chromatography of high purity conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
6,135,987 Synthetic fiber
6,117,302 Fuel cell aluminum production
6,113,245 Airport runway light container apparatus and method
6,102,902 Absorbent article and method
6,098,531 Scrap tire collection, volume reduction, and transportation
D426,303 Absorbent article
6,055,897 Die cutting insert for a rotary die cutter and the die itself
6,051,327 Non-corrosive metal laminated on aluminum
6,048,598 Composite reinforcing member
6,039,716 Laterally expandable tampon
6,036,792 Liquid-state-in-situ-formed ceramic particles in metals and alloys
6,033,083 Airport runway light support apparatus and method
6,031,147 Method for reducing malodor in absorbent products and products formed thereby
6,030,496 Making a web
6,019,468 Spectacle kit
6,003,229 Apparatus and method of precisely preloading a bearing onto a shaft
5,993,430 Integrally wrapped absorbent article and method of wrapping
5,986,165 C-wrapped absorbent pad article and method
5,984,888 Applicator and coating
5,976,325 Laser precipitation of sodium aluminate solutions
5,967,009 Rotary knife apparatus and cutting method
5,964,741 Absorbent pad packaging article and method

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