U.S Patents prepared and prosecuted by Douglas G. Glantz

6,406,162 Stainless steel airport light container apparatus and method
6,398,882 Uniformly dispersed, finely sized ceramic particles in metals and alloys
6,383,161 Applicator and compostable coating
6,363,776 Pile testing reaction anchor apparatus and method
6,355,139 Processed tissue webs
6,346,195 Ion exchange removal of metal ions from wastewater
6,344,111 Paper tissue having enhanced softness
6,343,420 Method of mounting a bearing onto a shaft
6,342,619 Synthesis of conjugated fatty acid
6,337,564 Detecting and classifying hard and soft inclusions in liquid metal
6,329,565 Absorbent structure and method
6,324,757 Method of repairing an engine cooling system
6,319,950 Suppression of carcinoma using high purity conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
6,319,347 Method for placing discrete parts transversely onto a moving web
6,315,906 Removing metal ions from wastewater
6,315,223 Scrap tire collection, volume reduction, and transportation
6,305,260 Non-symmetrical heavy duty knife apparatus and cutting method
6,298,760 Non-symmetrical knife apparatus and cutting method
6,279,440 Heavy duty knife apparatus and cutting method
6,277,105 Strain resistant strips article and method
6,267,575 Apparatus for the uniform deposition of particulate material in a substrate
6,261,677 Synthetic fiber
6,250,189 Rotary die cutter
6,237,753 Conveyor apparatus and method
6,235,409 Aluminum laminate
6,231,745 Cathode collector bar
6,228,199 Synthetic wood

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